Tabata mash up:
Deadlift 225/155
Box jumps
3min rest

as many rounds as possible in 5mins:
Deadlifts x 4
Box jumps x 8
3min rest

every minute on the minute for 10mins:
Deadlift x 2
Box jumps x 6

post total tabata reps/amrap rounds/highest minute completed.

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9 Responses to “Friday!

  • 53 rx’d 4 rnds +4 dl rx’d. Was a good one liked it alot. Great job everyone good to see lots of people

  • Great little WOD to end the work week.
    75 reps/225, 7 rds/225, 10 rds / 315

    Box jumps turned into box stumbles a few times trying to keep up with Tyler and Melissa. Almost hazardous to my health. 😉

    5am crew killed it!

  • I used 155 lbs and a 24 in box and got 66(if I remember right) and 6 rounds plus 2 dl’s. The dls got heavy! Awesome job 5 amers…. ESP to Moses for scaling up for the emom

  • 68 RXD / 6 rds + 4 BJ…I like this one too! Great crowd at 9am!

  • I like DL’s. and this workout was great-mostly cuz you go to “recover” and come at it again in another challenging way!
    96 tabata-
    8 rounds +4 DL’s
    about 20 sec’s per the combo/on-the-minute rounds

    • Awesome job niki and Stacy!! Y’all killed the dl’s!!!

  • 78 reps, 6 plus 2 dl, great crowd at 5:30!

  • Jeremybarbour
    11 years ago

    30″ box

  • 78 reps
    6 and 4 DL Rx’d

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