Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Post load to comments.

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5 Responses to “Friday

  • Julie
    14 years ago

    Deadlifts 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


  • Armando
    14 years ago

    Great job Julie & Kim…nice PR’s!!!!

    I couldn’t do DL today…instead I did a WOD from the southwest regional:

    20 shoulder to overhead 185#
    40 burpees jumping over a sandbag

    Time 6:53 (not a good time…I would do this again…next time under 5min)

  • I’ve been a.w.o.l. from gym all week.
    I chose to do Karen today. I blew my previous 11 minutes out of the water today with a 14lb 6:23.
    See y’all tomorrow- don’t forget to bring a little something for Karl’s shindig at 3pm-

  • Karin
    14 years ago


    35lb increase to PR at 200#

  • Moses
    14 years ago

    Worked up to 410 DL
    Good job to all today, some really good pulls today at 6:00am!