Push Jerks 1-1-1-1-1

Dumbbell Squat Cleans
Double Unders

Post loads and time to comments.

Weekend Schedule and Reminders

Starting Monday August 13th we no longer will have a 2PM class.

Saturday FREE workouts open to everyone at 10pm and 11am.

Sunday 1pm WOD open to MEMBERS only (Crossfit Endurance)

3 Responses to “Friday

  • David
    12 years ago

    Had low energy this morning. Failed at 185 on pp.
    6:07 on wod singles need to really work on those double unders.
    8 min mile for the cool down. The run felt better than the wod. Had those foot steps right behind me that kept me going at a good pace.
    Great job by everyone at the 9 am!

  • Too slow getting under the bar, failed at 195. 5:12 on the WOD with 45# dumbbells. Let the weekend begin!!

  • Thomas
    12 years ago

    Taking it easy getting back into thing only 195 on pp 6 something on Wod have a good weekend everyone