WOD: Push Press 5-3-2-1-1

3 rounds for reps of:
Push Jerks
Double Under
Toes to Bar
Row for calories

1 minute max effort
30 second rest
1 minute break between rounds

Post load and reps to comments.

Saturday schedule- FREE Group Classes 10am and 11am

July 4TH there will only be one class at 10am

2 Responses to “Friday

  • it was a hot one at the 9am.
    *wasn’t feeling it to didn’t make it past my max

    total score:344

  • My engine wasn’t hitting on all cylinders today.
    Push Press 5-3-2-1-1 [i only did the 5 and 3] 135# 155#
    WOD 347
    Emily stuck with the DU’S the whole WOD and kicked ass.
    I was proud of her so she didnt have to make Jesse and I dinner tonight.
    We took her out for burritos but she bought. lol