11 am- Be there!

7 Responses to “FREE SATURDAY WOD!!!

  • What a great way to start the day! Very energizing- thanks to all of our visitors, there were so many I hope I don’t miss any of you- Chris, Nicole, Gabriel, John, Anna, Stu, and Erica….and Melissa W dropped in too!

  • Just got back from vacation and had to pick up the mutts from prison (kennel), so I couldn’t make it in. I went to the gym at NKU and did “Murph”. The pull-up bar was so tight to the wall that it forced me to do dead-hangs (not that my kipping is very good yet). Anyway I pulled it off at 54:04. I was just happy to finish it since it was my first time through and nobody really doing it with me (Bridget did something similar).

    Run 1 mile
    100 pull-ups
    200 push-ups
    300 squats
    Run 1 mile (this mile sucked)

    As sweat was pouring off of me near the pull-up contraption, people were looking at Bridget and me like we were crazy (I was in agreement at the time). I have some night appointments, but I will see you guys on Wednesday.

  • Lucas and I were just wondering where you two have been. Vacation, it is! Glad you’re back and happy to hear of your suffering today. Good job!

  • megHan
    13 years ago

    1.) yoga at lululemon
    2.) tabata times
    chin above bar pullups:10,6,4,5,7,5,6,8
    15# db pushpress: 19,16,18,11,14,15,17,20
    full rom squats: 16,17,14,15,16,15,12,18
    20″ box jumps:8,7,5,7,6,8,6,9
    3.) 50 ghd situps
    good day! gym looks awesome! lucas great coaching!
    lv’d seeing everybody first saturday wod of 2011!!!

  • megHan
    13 years ago

    oh yes, how could i forget…
    4.) 6 burpees in 14seconds completely in sync with my girl Kristin! lv it!

  • Miss you guys but having fun in Florida!! Completed a 5K at Disneyworld on Friday. Goal this is year five 5K (which ‘equals’ my age this year 55) Keeping up with my burpees (my sisters think I’ve ‘lost it’) and ready for the Paleo !!!