FIght Gone Bad 6

It is finally here, today is the day!
Heats begin at 10am and run until 1pm
Stay throughout to help with the event, bring your friends and show them what you have been preparing for!

Money raised goes to the Wounded Warrior project- we are working out in the name of fitness and good health for those warriors who no longer can!

17 minutes might make you puke but it won’t kill you, so get out here today!

A huge Happy Birthday to our FGB first timer, Jill Baker. What a fantastic birthday party we are throwing for you. 🙂

6 Responses to “FIght Gone Bad 6

  • Morgan
    13 years ago

    wow! what an awesome end to a great week. Is it weird that all i want to do is talk about how awesome crossfit is to everyone !!!! thanks everyone for cheering me on today you all rock!!!!
    -the newby! Morgan!!!!

  • Morgan
    13 years ago

    P.s.!!! Kristin you are a beast and you inspire meee!!!!!

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Thanks to those who planned & set up.
    Congrats to those who PRd.
    Happy for those who experienced FGB for the first time.
    Great work to those who raised $$ for a great cause.
    And, Happy for those who just survived…that would be me!

    Happy weekend!

  • Thanks to the Lubers for the “paleo” birthday cookies and all those who helped make this happen.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Morgan, it’s actually perfectly normal to only want to talk about Crossfit to everyone you know! It was great working with you again today…thanks for counting & pushing me 🙂

  • Adam F.
    13 years ago

    What a great day! One year ago on this day i was out due to back issues that i’ve had all my life. But not this day dammit!! Love this workout, love this gym, love me some Crossfit! Can’t wait until this time next year to do it again…but better!