Emily Conner


Emily has always been very active and athletic. She started playing soccer at the age of three and played all the way into College where she played all four years at Georgetown College.
Emily and her boyfriend first tried out crossfit over College summer break on vacation in Florida. She was instantly loved it. On the off seasons of soccer, Emily could be found at either the box in Georgetown or at home at CFNKY. After her senior soccer season came to an end, she took on Crossfit full time and has loved every minute of it.
She has grown in so many ways and when she was given the chance to take her L1 she immediately hopped on it. “I love taking the drive and knowledge I have for the sport and sharing it. As a school teacher, I am inclined to help others and share the joy of this wonderful sport. I love the community feel that Crossfit has offered me and I have met lifelong friends. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without it.” ~Emily

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

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