February 4, 2019

Richard Brown


Richard had been training at the local YMCA using their basic equipment and running on a regular basis. His physique wasn’t changing the way he wanted it to. He found that challenge one Saturday when he attended a CrossFit Northern Kentucky FREE Saturday Community Workout. On that particular Saturday the coaches were taking everyone through a Baseline test. He realized that day how little the traditional gym experience had prepared me for real physical experiences of life, he knew this is the way to train! He love the fact that CrossFit challenges me every in every single workout in both intensity and skills! Since that first day his enjoyment of everything CrossFit has multiplied with every workout. He really enjoy coaching other athletes and helping them to achieve their goals and hit those new PRs. He especially love the CrossFit community. We have a tremendous group of athletes at CFNKY!
Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
CrossFit Mobility

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