Are you a weekend warrior?

Saturdays at 11:00am have been “free workout, bring a friend” day for several weeks now.  We really enjoy this time in the gym because we get to show our “non-crossfitting” friends what we do and introduce them to our crossfit family.  At the 11am wod, friends come first.  We want to meet them and chat a bit. We want your friends to enjoy their visit and we hope that they will come back again.  This workout is casual,  PRs are rarely met, and the crossfitter often helps guide their friend through the wod as a team effort.

What we are finding is that y’all have a lot of friends! We thank you for bringing them and please continue to do so.

HOWEVER- if you are a weekend warrior and your Saturday wod has no room for beginners or idle chit chat, maybe we should start having a Nooner.    UF is growing fast and we are striving to keep the intimate, family setting that y’all so love about UF.   We are looking toward adding a 12:00 noon class for your workout pleasure- please share your thoughts, availability, and desire for this addition to our schedule.

2 Responses to “Are you a weekend warrior?

  • Yes!! Saturday at 12:00 would be great! I would love to bring friends to get them started but am unable to make it at 11:00. So I say YES to Saturdays at noon!

  • Karin
    14 years ago

    It would be much easier to talk my husband into waking up to watch the little one at noon. 🙂