Throw Down the Gauntlet Wednesday!

10 Responses to “Wednesday

  • Linda
    13 years ago

    Diane was the perfect WOD for great pictures!

  • Jason
    13 years ago

    65, 85, 95, 105PR, 115PR

    Did Tuesday’s wod as a “cool down”. 20 rounds even with a red band and a rip on the palm of my hand. That will make golf tonight fun.

  • Stacy
    13 years ago

    Mini WOD – 15

  • Missing you guys. My WOD today:
    Run 1 mile
    100 push ups
    200 squats
    run 1 mile

    Tomorrow Jill and I will pay a visit to Crossfit Thoroughbred

  • Sounds Awesome Toni!
    Worked with Chad and Double C. Great work 4:50 class!

  • Nice work by everybody today…thanks to Brittney and Bridget for volunteer themselves for the human front squat…was funn!!

    Mini wod 14

  • 250×5

    and only 7 on the mini-WOD

  • 135-155-175-185-175 again. It was all I could do to get 185. Hanging w/”Diane” tomorrow.

  • sarah
    13 years ago

    75-80-95-95-105 and an attempt at 115, 9 on the mini-WOD. I may not be able to walk tomorrow! Great job 5:30 class!

  • Julie
    13 years ago

    Did 95-100-100-100-100 for my front squats.