20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Maddie

  • Got to 60# on Hang Power Snatch – but it was ugly. Liz and I agree on this one – just gonna have to practice. Annie – 8:24 with single-unders. I thought I was cookin’ on that one, but I’m hearing some super-fast times out of some folks. (much faster than me) Great job!

  • Happy Birthday Maddie! Hope you get a yummy steak for your bday!!

    Hang Power Snatch:

    I tried 75# 3 times. The first 2 I pressed it up & the 3rd I finally got a true snatch out of it, so I’ll take it!

    Annie: 7:08 rx’d I was busting my booting trying to keep up with Karin on this one-great job lady & thanks for playing in the sandbox with me, Jeremy & Doug πŸ™‚

    2 minutes of Double Unders & I stopped counting after 40 because I was doing so terrible.

  • Happy Birthday Maddie!

    Hang Power Snatch
    135 failed on 145. I’ve got to get better technique!

    10:05 on the mini Wod with single unders!

    Mark, thanks for help with the Rower. 500m in 1:38 that is a PR for me!

    Super Bowl Party at our house! You all are welcome, and hope to a bunch of you all there!

  • Armando, count me in those who can’t walk well today…
    Kristin you were right, I just couldn’t get that transition from 65# to 75#. I finally gave up and barely managed a real ugly Hang Power Snatch at 70#. I will take it!
    Annie with single under’s in 13:15. Thought I was doing better on that until I saw the clock… πŸ™

  • hang power snatch 45-55-65-75F-70F
    65 seems to be the magic number…
    Annie rx’d 14:?? definitely need to get the double under technique back! Though I do have a couple nice red welts on my arm to show for it. πŸ™‚

  • Got 145 on the hanging snatch with pretty good technique (non- pressing). I got 155 up, but I had to press it a little (arms weren’t locked on the drop). I have made huge improvements on this, greatly improving my explosion up. My drop under the weight aspect is seriously hurting though (partly because my legs were dead from my horrible Tuesday showing).

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