March 15, 2020

Working Together during COVID-19

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IMPORTANT: Let’s help keep our community as healthy as possible. If you are feeling sick or just not yourself please consider staying home until you feel healthy again. We have compiled some home work out options from various places including some of our own. Please see below to the links.

Disinfecting our Facility

We have recently changed cleaning supplies to make sure our disinfectant covers the COVID-19. We will continue to clean daily but we ask that all our members clean any points of contact they have had during their time at the gym.

Working out Together

  1. Wash (scrub) your hands before and after each class for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Need to sneeze or cough, please sneeze or cough into your arm instead of your hands.
  3. Clean your equipment. Take the extra time to thoroughly wipe down equipment and surfaces with disinfectant wipes after the workout. (Consider any areas of contact you may have had during your workout)
  4. Feel sick? Please, stay home. Please do not come to the gym.
  5. Consider working out during off times to minimize overcrowding. Please see all social media for potential “Pop Up”. Classes may be coach led, open gym style or workout with the coach.
  6. Lots of shout outs to each other and less high fives for now!

At Home Workouts

If you are unable to come to the gym or in the event we have to temporarily close the gym please be sure to follow us on Instagram and FB for any updates regarding Home Workouts but we have also compiled a variety of Home Workouts from various places and a few of our own.

Most of these workouts need no equipment but can easily be changed for use with equipment.