5 thoughts on “WOD-Thrusters, Power cleans, SDHP

  • Nice posting of pictures today, Lucas- we hope to start adding daily wod pics again.

    4:30pm class was rockin’ today- we apologize for the slow start- great work by everyone!

  • 55 pound Thruster
    55 pound Hang Power Cleans
    55 pound SDHP

    10 Rounds plus Thruster and Hang Power Cleans

    Wow! This one was a tough one after doing “Angie” yesterday. I have a feeling I am gonna be really sore tomorrow.

    Thanks Wendy for keeping us all motivated today!

  • Wendy – Although I do like the WOD pics, the one of me on the rower is AWFUL! LOL

    I went to Crossfit Charlotte today and did:

    5 rounds of:
    – 400m run
    – 25 GHD sit-ups
    – 25 hip extensions


    Onto Crossfit Hickory and Crossfit Greensboro for the rest of the week

  • As rx’d – 9 rounds

    Good work by everyone today.
    Jeff, Jose, Steve, and even Kike believe it or not!

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