5 thoughts on “WOD-Squat Cleans, Back extensions

  • Prescribed- 65# squat cleans and back extensions Time: 9:11
    I think my new “fancy” Crossfit socks made me go faster!

  • For time:
    95 pound Squat clean, 21 reps
    42 Back extensions
    95 pound Squat clean,15 reps
    30 Back extensions
    95 pound Squat clean, 9 reps
    18 Back extensions
    Time: 9:09

    Good job,6am class! Ok, you too, Chris

  • Squat clean / back ext wod….well north of 12 minutes. I had zero game today. Apparently christmas cookies and Mt. Dew don’t make for a good nutrition base. 🙂

    There was a tiny bright spot in this mess, I did manage a first time ever bar muscle up! Kind of felt sorry for the bar as it was trying to support my 210 pound carcass as I struggled to get over it!

    Kike was at the 6am class???

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