Clean High Pull


For time:
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards
Run 800 meters
Run 400 meters backwards

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Intro and Event 1: 7K Run – Men’s 09 Games

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6 thoughts on “WOD-"Griff"

  • Clean High Pull

    Griff – 12:23

    Overall a fun day! I probably struggled more with getting the form down on CHP’s than I did with Griff.
    Griff looks tough on paper but is actually a very cool wod that really ends up being a great workout in a short period of time. πŸ™‚ Good stuff.

    Great job Armando, Wendy, Kike, and Jeff!

    Adidas tent sale shoes in ‘da house!

  • Griff- 15: and some change…..

    Thanks Kike for helping me weight the bar on those CHP’s
    The run was neat- Each 400 m run backwrds seemed to be the equivalent of 400 squats on the thighs!

  • GRIFF- 16:41 I lost about 30 sec because I had to stop twice to tie my shoes! I will be honest… the run kicked my butt! I hate running so it was good for me to get out there and move. The backwards run sucked! πŸ™‚

    The CHP’s felt a little awkward but I will get it with some practice.

  • Clean High Pull

    Griff 12:19

    Hey Chris don’t forget for next time to change the batery for the light in ur Adidas…by the way I’m glad that I did this WOD with u…good job everybody!!!

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