7 thoughts on “WOD- Deadlift, Pull-ups

  • As Rx’d – 20:4?

    I’ve got to get it together, this is the second time in a week that I can’t remember my time. It’s a wonder I still remember my way to work after some of these WODs.

    I thought I would be moderately competitive on this one. Wrong. 🙂
    DL’s ok, pullups really took it out of me. All pullups broken broken broken. Glad this one is behind me!

    Does anyone know if Walmart sells hamstrings ?

  • Moses you crack me up with stuff you come up with.This WOD kicked my butt, and killed my hands!!! I don’t remember my time either. See everyone tomorrow.
    Great Job on your pull ups today Alicia!!

  • ALRIGHT!! Two people who can’t remember their times! C’mon everybody let’s keep the streak alive! Forget your time today!! 🙂

  • Time ?….I just know that was under 20 min…

    Awesome effort from the girls @ 9 class…for you guy that ripped your hand…do not use any kind of lotion…if you do…you are going to delay de healing process…

  • Glad to get back on this journey. Looking forward to getting back into shape and joining the Crossfit NKY team… and sticking to it this time. I am still working out the kinks, out of shape big time, but I will get there eventually.

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