5 thoughts on “WOD-Back Squat

  • Armando, the name of that bar I was talking about is KIND. They have multiple flavors but after spending some time searching their ingredients there is only one that is truly paleo. It is the Almond & Cashew plus Omega-3 bar. I’ve tried it (a few of them, non-paleo and all) and they are more of a light snack, not exactly a meal. At least it may offer some variety.

  • WOD
    Back Squat…today I worked my form…thx to coach Lucas and Abby for help me…BTW thx for the info Abby.

    warm up 135×5/225×5
    275/305/325/335/345/355(PR) with a proper form/365(F) next time for sure!!!

    …nice PR’s K & W!!!! That’s the way to go girls…next stop affiliate cup!!!!

  • 3 round deadlifts

    3 rounds squats
    115/145/155 – I think? I have really bad memory but that looks about right.

    Just getting the technique down so I can run with the “Big Dawgs”. Thanks to all, I’m having fun!

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