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  • Looking forward to this WOD- looks “fun”….what’d we say last night…..”it doesn’t have to be fun, to be fun”

  • So true Wendy! Looks pretty tough. Espcially because my shoulders are STILL killing me from Monday’s WOD!!! My only question is.. one round, right!?

  • Armando,

    It’s less repetitions than Fran, Diane, or Elizabeth. Go for a time less than 7 minutes!

    Remember that there are three pathways we exercise in CrossFit: phasphogen, glycolytic, and oxidative (super-short, short, and long). If you spend all of your time in the oxidative (by doing a 5K or Filthy 50) you’re not building your strength and adapting your body to work that can be done in 3-6 minutes. This WOD looks like an easy on (I thought so too) but if you’re going straight through it and killing each repetition with ferocity, it should be difficult, at least mentally, to get through each exercise unbroken.

    Go get’em!

  • Lucas,

    Didn’t know if you you had seen this. I know you wanna go to the Oly Lift Cert.

    Rogue Fitness is hosting the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification run by Coach Burgener. Check out the video above to get a feel for how things will work at the cert.

    Here are the details:

    April 25th & 26th

    CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification

    Rogue Fitness

    You can pre-register here: http://www.regonline.com/OHOLYApr2009

    Per the norm we will bust out all new equipment for the cert to include all new Burg & Rip bars and at the end of the cert the gear will be offered at a discount for those that would like to take them home.

  • 3 Rounds was tough! Good job team!!!

    Row for 20 calories
    20 Box jumps
    20 Burpees
    20 medicine ball cleans
    20 wall balls


  • Sorry that I couldn’t be with you guys today….. hey Rich my last comment it was to scare the girls…. well because couldn’t go today a I create my homemade WOD.

    30 Squats
    30 Burpees
    30 Situps
    30 Tuck jumps

    Time 4:30

  • Shit, I was way off anyway. Apparently you crazy bastards do 3 rounds of suck. More power to ya!

    Armando, way to stick with it doing the home WODs!

  • Armando,
    you’re catchin’ some heck around here- you better show up on Friday and kick it up!

    All members:
    Tell at least 2 people about your Crossfit addiction, bring someone NEW in by the end of January and we’ll make it worth your while……..Go get ’em!

  • Three rounds of:
    Row for 20 calories
    20 Box jumps
    20 Burpees
    20 medicine ball cleans
    20 wall balls


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