5 thoughts on “WOD

  • I did forgot how much I hate the 2k row till today….

    Time 7:16(PR) by 13sec

    Thanks to John for help me with my technique and push me through the WOD.

  • 2K Row – 7:32

    Not a spectacular time, but a vast improvement from my previous attempt.

    At least this way I know if my deep space exploration ship was invaded by some unwanted alien intruder and the only way to kill it was to blow up my ship with only 8 minutes to get away…I would feel pretty good about my chances of getting into my space row boat escape pod and rowing my way to safety. You know, since there will probably be a sequel.

    BTW..what’s the record for the longest most ridiculous post ?

  • Moses, don’t they give you anything to do at work??????????

    :20 second improvement from last row 90 days ago

    2k row: 8:24

    Mindy’s at her Cert in Lexington—-Go Mindy!

  • 2k row – 7:3?. Bad memories from a long time ago (college early 80’s). It hurt just as much this time.

    1st post due to Armando’s question. “John, Do you know how to work a computer?” Thanks for the push in the WOD and the computer.

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