6 thoughts on “WOD

  • SP- 135/155/175/185/195(PR)
    PP- 135/155/175/195/215
    PJ- 155/175/195

    Once again I didn’t have time to finish the PJ…by the way welcome back Abby…nice to c-ya again!!!!

  • Luiggi
    sp 135-145(f)-135-135-140
    pp 135-140-145-155-160
    pj. 145-155-160-165-175(4) f
    I did this at 7 am and I was trying to go this pm to do the wod with you guys but I’m at hospital !! Baby is comming tnite !!! See u guys soon

  • This was not a tough one for me!

    SP – PR 65#
    PP – 85 X 2
    PJ – Failed miserably at this one. I had to finish the workout doing each set at 75#

    Congrats Luiggi!!!

  • No wod for me today- however, I must comment that the salmon burger from lifeofrileyfoods was soooooo DELICIOUS!!! Healthy and delicious(?)- YES!

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