6 thoughts on “Free Saturday Workout

  • What a motley looking crew! 🙂
    Sorry I missed the fun.

    Posting from 30,000 feet…I may try to do a few burpees in the isle…Look for me in cuffs on CNN later.

  • Death by Pull-Ups
    I was doing great till I rip my right hand…any way I had a PR….last time the we did this WOD was May 19… I did then 11rnds + 9.

    Today total 15rnds + 8

    Today I work on my back squat form and strength…

  • Last time we did this I was on the blue band-

    Today I did the first 4 rounds with no band!

    Followed by rounds 5-10 purple
    round 11 + 8 red….

    Total before gassed: 11 round plus 8

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