6 thoughts on “WOD

  • Tough WOD…and I didn’t even do it correctly. Big surprise!
    Some place in the middle I was focusing too much on the PJ’s (135#) and trying not to crush my skull…really messed up my push up count up until the 50 rep round. Actually did 80 for that round to try and “make up”. Time was north of 13 minutes and would have been several minutes longer if done as rx’d. 🙁

    Maybe we should have a WOD like: Screw up the WOD as much as possible for time. 3…2..1…GO!

    That’s a gym record I could defend for quite some time! 🙂

  • Very tough WOD. I did do it as rx’d yet have no recollection of my time… I definitely relate to trying not to crush the skull. Heck, cleaning that darn 95# made me dizzy in itself (that’s why I cleaned the bar at least twice per set). Well, if ya haven’t had a chance at this workout yet, have fun and good luck!

    Oh yeah, having nothing to do with CrossFit, if you haven’t checked out the show Modern Family, watch it tonight at 8 pm. If you have seen it then you’re already hooked. Make sure to use the bathroom before watching, for sure! Enjoy!

  • 75# Push Jerks, “Girl” push ups on my knees……………I can still barely type this comment- arms are just hanging here…………Time: 12:57…….Great wod before a rest day.

    We are getting closer to acquiring a bigger space so tell your friends to start crossfitting with us!

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