8 thoughts on “WOD

  • What? Nobody did this WOD in the early am class??
    Times? Looks like a tough one…just curious how long the beating takes! 🙂

    btw…what is “sh**…………..” ??? I’m going to guess it’s probably SHampoo, SHarks, or even maybe SHyness. 😉

  • Ok, Chris here is the # that u asking for it…..

    Time 6:25

    ….I did the WOD with the 20# ball (30# not avlb)….this WOD is like Fran short n fuuuuun!!!

  • Thanks for the update Armando! I’m thinking that you have a pretty smoke’n time there. The OHS alone would take me that long!

    Fran…short and fun?? I must be doing something wrong, there’s nothing short or fun with my Fran. 🙂

  • Today WOD
    front squad #95
    pull ups
    ball slams don’t know weight , wathever Lucas had there
    7:00 min
    didn’t do overhead to protect my shoulder !!!
    Isn’t painfull , I can sleep without pain and I like that !!!
    Still fun

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