3 thoughts on “WOD

  • Started out with good intentions after a rousing group warm up session! It was not to be.

    Lynne – @205#/*170# BP
    1. 7/20
    2. 6/20
    3. 3/20
    4. 9*/15

    During the 4th round I was able to perform an impromptu callus-ectomy on both hands during the pullups. That’s a new one on me. Ouch. No, check that…once I added the salt. OUCH. 🙂

    The 6am class is rock’n and roll’n. There was a line out the door just to get a table!

    Me: um, yes…Moses, pull-up bar for one.
    Lucas: Ok, looks like there will be a 10 min. wait sir.
    Me: Wait ?? I have reservations for cry’n out loud!
    Lucas: Exactly, we have some reservations about you as well, that’s why you’re waiting.

    Thank you ! I’m here all week! Tickets still available!

    Word on the street is somebody smoked FRAN today too!
    Without giving too much away, I think their initials are ABBY.

    Good luck to all on tomorrows 5K!

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