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  • Deadlift


    *it helps when you put the same amount of weight on BOTH sides of the bar.

    Team (Mindy, Jeff, Chris) cool down work…3 rounds of: 11 20# Wall ball, 7 185# DL, Sprint – 7:05

  • Deadlift


    Thanks Chris!…A 5# PR on my DL today…I know that I can go higher on my DL but even though I had some PR today, I wasn’t feeling it.

  • 155,165,175,195,205,215(F),210(F)

    I was hoping to get that 210 again today- I’ve done it before, but maxed out at 205 today…Coach Lucas says my technique and post-wod wall balls were good form.the cert must’ve done me some good!

  • Yeah Emily, nice PR! And Brewer, wow, awesome Fran time!! I’m going to take my turn with “Fran” on Friday.

    155, 165, 180, 195, 215, 225, 235 (PR)

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