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  • Nice pics posted today from yesterday’s wod-

    3 rounds of:

    30-Hang Squat Snatches 45#
    30-Wall balls 12#
    Time: 23:??

    -Yes, it’s true, I met pukie today-

  • Hmmmmmm…I was hoping to maybe take a shot at this WOD due in part that I suck at both of those skills. If the dreaded H1Pukie1 virus is hanging around I may be having second thoughts. 🙂

  • Three rounds for time of:
    30 Hang Squat Snatches, 75#
    30 Wall Balls to 10′ mark, 20#

    Time 14:40

    Way to kick my a$$ Luky….hey Chris this is a excellent WOD to get ur a$$ kick big time!!!

  • post call guy’s , more than 30hrs working i still went to GYM with my wife and did son KB 45 lbs 1000 m row , jump double unders , singles , ski style , crossing arms and abs !!!! not so bad for post call !!!! will be there tomorrow !!!

  • Really tough WOD! I couldn’t complete, but got 2 good rounds in at around 23 min. Started out using 45# and switched sometime to 35#, that was much better!

    Great job to everyone for even attempting this WOD!

    I also got 11 no band pull ups today .. and have a new max of 4 consecutive pull ups!

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