7 thoughts on “WOD

  • Attention!!

    I know everyone at UF was gearing up for this Sunday’s 4:30 am Morning Glory Ride along Columbia Prkwy. But, due to an expected low turn-out, it has been canceled. Meaning, do not show up ready to ride at the butt crack of dawn, you’ll be greatly disappointed!!

    Dash Cincinnati is still on for next Friday (Aug. 7) at 7 pm!! Drew and I have signed up so let me know if you’re going and we’ll all meet up. Should be fun!!

  • Deadlifts


    After 15min rest I did the July challenge with 185#!!!

    Time 4:59

    Thank to the guys at UF for the support!!!

  • Thanks guys!!!! Esteban, I’m always looking for a friendly head-to-head challenge!!! Let me know when?

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