Shoulder Press


Followed by a mini team WOD!

We’ll match you up with a teammate and face off!

7 thoughts on “WOD

  • Strong Numbers from the 1pm Class:

    5 Rep Shoulder Presses
    Rob: Topped out at a solid 155#
    Emily: 60#
    Meghan: 70#

    Watch out, Armando and Abby!

  • 5-5-5-5-5


    Mini wod-
    Luiggi & Natalie 7:18
    Christian & Wendy 7:48

    We’ll get you next time!

  • Before my third straight days doing “cross fit”, I’m feeling like a machine! Thanks guys!

  • chris before or after??? i know , i understand what u mean !!!!
    sorry wendy and chris but natalie was too fast , that wasn’t fair !!!
    good WOD at least i rested my legs 🙂

  • 07/25/09


    Thank to Chris, Luiggi and Rich for the support today @ UF!!!

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