Got 20 minutes?…….Choose your wod, Cindy or Mary

Cindyas many rounds in 20 min as you can:

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats


Maryas many rounds in 20 min as you can:

5 Handstand Push ups

10 one legged squats (alternating)

15 pull ups

5 thoughts on “WOD

  • “Mary”
    11 Rounds (+5+10)

    *First time doing “Mary”. Scaled one-legged squats and stood on a 45# plate, squatting to the box. Hip still got below parallel. All HSPU unbroken. First 7 rounds of pullups unbroken.

    Nothing’s better than starting off your day and month with 165 pullups!

    Great class today, Lucas. The encouragement kept me going!

    BTW, the July Challenge is up on the white board! Give it a shot. I know I’ll be scaling it down. haha

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