6 thoughts on “WOD

  • Today I meet :Jackie”. We were introduced in March- let’s see if we will continue to be friends or enemies. Watch for our evening posts!

  • “Jackie”

    *First time doing the WOD. As much as she hurts, I like her.

    Box Jump: Crushed this morning’s 51″ and brought it up to 52.5″ with some encouragement from Mario!

    Then went home and did 4 175m hill sprints.

  • Improved from 11:08 in March to 10:53 today- moved up in pull up bands, all 30 were white/purple.

  • Travel WOD: 6/23

    2 rounds
    10 supermans
    20 jumping jacks
    burpee to push up position – 10 push ups – burpee up
    20 sit ups

    Invisible Fran
    21-15-9: Air Squats and Push Ups
    Time: 2:44

    Cool Down:
    4 rounds 30 second plank hold

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