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  • Hey all, I haven’t forgotten about you and I have been sticking to the website workouts. My partner just quit on me so I’m back to working out on my own. Rich, CONGRATS on the commission that is an awesome! Can’t wait to see you all when I get back from this tour with the USMC.

  • Hey Mike,
    Things they are a changin’ at work, too.
    Keep up the workouts, Underground Fitness is growing-
    Stay safe!

  • We we were fortunate to have Rich swing by today to check out our facility and to hit up the WOD. He finished all four 800m runs in his stated goal of under 3:00, and then proceeded to represent the UF crew by ripping off 48 consecutive PUs. Well done on both counts, and we’re looking forward to seeing more of you and all of UF’s athletes soon. Keep up all the good work in NKY…

  • Four rounds, each for time of:
    800 meter run @ Connor track

    Times 1@3:00, 2@3:00, 3@3:09, 4@3:07

    4 min rest between runs

    Not a bad time, but could be better if i have somebody running with me!!!!

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