10 thoughts on “WOD

  • Back squat, 1 rep=240
    Shoulder Press, 1 rep= 125(pr)
    Deadlift, 1 rep= 355(pr)

    crossfit total = 720

  • CrossFit Total

    Back squat, 1@325
    Shoulder Press, 1@175(PR)
    Deadlift, 1@430(PR)


    Great job everybody today at UF with CFT… it was really good seen everybody helping each other with CFT….and thanks to Moses for be my partner today and help me with my PR in CFT!!! 🙂

  • Awesome event! Really great to see everyone. The PR’s were dropping like flies! Congrats to all. Way to bring the pain Armando! (I need to get some sweet hollywood shades for next time.) 🙂
    Thanks UF !

    Back squat -335
    Shoulder Press – 150
    Deadlift – 430(pr)
    CFT – 915

  • Crossfit Total: 525
    Back sqt=185 (PR)
    Shoulder Press= 105 (PR)
    Dead Lift=235 (PR)

    I had a great time! We need to do this more often!

  • Crossfit Total: 475

    Lots of fun!! Would like to always have that many people! Great job to everyone and nice to finally meet all the ladies!

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