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  • Way to go Armando! Excellent work.
    Two videos posted of UF dudes hammering Fran in less than a week? What’s in the water over there? 🙂

  • Anthony, you’re right about Armando’s thrusters; none are to full extension. But I didn’t say anything during the WOD because, hey, it’s Fran and I’m not messing with anybody’s mojo when they’re trying to beat the gym record. I guess that’s where I draw the line when it comes to upholding the standard and letting an athlete slide. On a normal WOD, Underground (as most the members know) harps on form/range of motion over time/rounds. That being said, Armando put forth some serious effort and the trainers are considering it a PR and the gym’s best time (being that I held the previous record, I think I’m the one to decide whether it was better than mine.)

    If you live around Northern Kentucky or wanna drop in some time, come on in and show us your Fran. Bring some friends, too. We’d love to have ya!

    Armando: Next time, full extension. And if you rack the bar instead of gripping it on the front squat, you’ll be using less energy to perform the same task. Great work, man.

  • Back Squat
    My last 2 rounds had some form issues, but I beat my previous (12/29/08) max back squat of 125!!!!

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