Weekend News

Saturday’s wod had 23 people- 4 of which were 1st time visitors-thank you all for allowing us to spend our Saturday morning with our Crossfit family! Kim “Animale” stopped in, she is healing well and desperately wants a “do-over” of her SDHP/Ring dip wod

Remember early closure on Friday 8/13 and closed Saturday 8-14

Tufkids sign up starts next week, limited space – if you are a member and your kids are interested, tell Wendy….soon!

We have decided on a shirt design, watch for order forms in the next week

Enjoy your Sunday and we’ll see you on Monday….3….2….1……go!

1 thought on “Weekend News

  • I hate that I missed this morning!! I stayed up way too late and slept way too long to make it….i guess i’ll have to wait until Monday to get my Crossfit fix…:)

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