Wednesday WOD!

Todays’ wod was used in the Queensland, Australia sectional for the 2010 Crossfit games qualifiers:   We’ll get a portion of the pain of their competition- remember this is our wod today- at the sectionals, this would be 1 of 4 wods in a single day!

Complete as rounds as possible in 10 mins of:
Deadlift, 7 reps
Hang Power Clean, 7 reps
Front Squat, 7 reps
Chest to Overhead, 7 reps

The men will be using 90lbs while the women will tackle a 65lb load. The same bar is used for all exercises. There must be a clear separation between movements, i.e., the last deadlift and the first hang power clean cannot be performed as a single power clean from the ground. Partially completed rounds will contribute to the overall score

9 thoughts on “Wednesday WOD!

  • Technical error blocking all comments today…..sorry!

    PRESCRIBED at 65#
    5 rounds plus DL, HPC, FSqts, and 3 Overheads
    4 movements shy of another round……….ugh!

    Welcome to Karl – he is back from Iraq and awaiting his next Army adventure. Karl is Crossfit Certified Level 1 and you will see him around for the next couple of months, helping in class and assisting with coaching. Please welcome Karl to our box!

  • Not my best workout, but I survived.

    Did my first round prescribed at 65# and realized I wouldn’t get very far with that weight so I dropped down to 55#. Did five rounds total.

    Great job tonight everyone!

  • Horrible WOD for me today. My wrist were killing me and I couldn’t keep my grip. A lot of technical problems with gloves, tape, etc. I suck!
    Within the 10 min 3 rds + DL. Finished 5 rounds just because I was pissed and went about 14 min.

  • this one was tough! anytime anything has to go over my head is always a struggle. i think i got four rounds, plus 7 dl/7 pc/5 squats. did my first round and second (except chest to overhead) with 65, then dropped to 55. one more workout till vacation!!! 🙂

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