6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Great workout today 5am’ers! Time was maybe 18-something? I forget. Can’t wait for Open WOD 12.3 to be posted tonight!

  • Feels good to be running again … and a little rowing as well. Spring must be here …good job everybody almost had Adam this morning maybe next time. 20:08

  • 5am class was lucky. The 6am group got burpees added just for the fun of it. Great working with Travis and Mat, though I was a little upset when I would get back from my run and Mat was already done with the row. 25 something.

  • Whew, it was warm at 2pm but felt so good to sweat again! Finished in 26 mins, with some walking… but just glad to be there!! Was a nice introduction back to burpees too!

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