7 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Holy hell, this was rough! Finished around 26 something…just glad I managed to get through all those pull ups. 😛

  • ^ Jill is truly a Baker…. What a great 2pm class haha. The determination was there, that is for sure!
    Managed 19:40 I like this one…

  • Sean nice work finishing under 20:00. Impressive time. First time doing the angie wod. My time was 14:16 with this one. Nice job 6:30. Good looking group ill have to say…

  • Wowzuh! Angie is a mean girl! Finished at 30:43. Was hoping for 30 or less, but I’ll take my time and be proud of finishing. Sam got 32:something. Strong group 5:30! Looking forward to watching Jeff plow through this one today if he didn’t already.


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