8 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Good times this morning with Linda, Liz, Wendy, MarCus, Double C, Phil, and 5am Lucas. I loved the outdoor WOD in the dark at 5am.

  • It felt more like a black ops mission this morning than a workout …..5 am is when the cool kids play.

  • I’m all about that nice cool weather. Daylight is an option as long as we don’t have to do that “R” word!

    Liz, you crack me up! You are excused!

  • Great Job 5:30 class. It is always great having Kim as a coach as well!
    My time was around 830ish i think. Karin would not stop and I was determined to keep up with her. It was needed motivation to keep moving!

  • You all had some amazing times on the whiteboard! Mine was 12:2?ish. Had to break down the final 60 5 at a time near the end. Toni made them look easy:)

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