Team WOD


3 days til FGBVI….seek out your last minute donations- $150.00 total donations qualifies you for a tshirt
Anyone who can stick around throughout the event, we can use you as a counter, recorder, photographer etc
Bring your friends and family to watch this 17 minute grueling workout that happens only once a year!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Team Wod this morning- guys vs gals……and the winner was……..everyone! Great effort by all- Frank, Phil, Mar Cus, Linda, and Liz… Facebook we will PROBABLY have a 5am tomorrow

  • Great workout this morning ….I told you guys ..I’ll be back. Have to be there on Saturday FGB6 my first one but probably not my last.

  • Had the pleasure of working with Megan and Bridget for todays WOD. 18:04 was our time. Worked in some planks during the WOD and ran a mile with the running machine, also known as Doug.

  • So great teaming up with Laura today…think our time was 14 something. Kim, wanted to thank you for your pointers on the row & the push press…your expertise is truly appreciated!! Watching the Crossfit Games on ESPN as we speak!! Awesome!!!

  • Super fun visit to the 430 class. Great workout with Melissa–she totally killed it! Also loved to get to spend some time with Kim luber, who showed us all what’s up with rowing and push presses….and gave me some awesome(painful) shoulder/tricep stretches. Love me some k.luber! 🙂 oh, and 14:28 for the wod!

  • I worked out with Morgan & she did great! I skipped the sit ups, but was able to get in the push presses @ 55# & the rowing! I think our time was 15:26? Not sure, but it was fun either way.

    As always, it was wonderful having Coach K in class 🙂

    p.s. how awesome was it to watch the Games last night?! I loved every second!

  • Great work Jeff and Bridget! That was an awesome WOD and I almost died. Not really, but I didn’t breath for about 15 minutes I don’t think. Way to kick some ass guys.

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