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  • Congrats, Paul!

    I miss you guys but have been enjoying hotel WODs (and the stares that come along with them) but it’s just not the same!

    Todays WOD
    5 thrusters 35# DBs
    20 double unders
    8 rounds…those thrusters sucked, even at five of them!

    For your entertainment here are some of the comments I’ve received:
    -those (DUs) are impressive…I can only do 1.
    -are you sure it’s ok for you to do that (thrusters)
    -your push ups are better than most of the guys on my team (I think he was a coach of some sort)
    And many people who just blatantly stare & don’t say anything…I love it! Thanks CFNKY for keeping me going & for the entertainment 🙂

    BTW http://www.heroes31.com anyone interested? The registration fee goes to help the families of that team.

  • Fantastic comment, Kristin! We love to hear those stories AND as always, way to move,girl!

    Welcome baby Dante!! May your home be full of good health and many blessings!

  • Great WOD today. Made it to the 400M row + 4TTB in 20 min then finished the rest in 31:something…due to the overachievers in the 9am class…weighted vests and bigger boxes…it is always something. Thanks girls!!

  • Congratulations Paul!

    Finally finished the “Crossfit Total” today.

    Back Squats 305# (pr)
    Shoulder Press 155#
    Deadlift 405#
    Crossfit Total 865#

  • Congrats Paul!

    did the crossfit total today too…

    Back squats 315#
    shoulder press 150#
    deadlift 415#
    total 880#
    made progress and PR’d them all

  • Tough WOD. Completed the 400M row, the ttb and 6 box jumps. I think I’ve had my fill of toes to bar. 🙂 Ended up finishing the WOD w/Doug.

  • 300M Row + All..

    That WOD almost killed me. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get a chance to breath for the 20 minutes it took to get through it.

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