19 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Woo Hoo, got to do “Diane” today at 5am with Phil, Marcus and Liz. 5:04 RX’d. Very happy about my time today! Great working with the 5am crew this morning! I plan to make up “Cindy” maybe later today, if not tomorrow evening!

  • So where was everyone this morning? Did the storm scare you 9amers away. Just me and Armando this morning…11:42 for me.

  • Great Job everyone at the “Nightshift” 5 AM … went with “Diane” at 225# on DL’S box PU”s. at 7:09.

  • “Diane”

    10:31… the last 6 HSPU were terrible and took me 5 minutes.

    Way to crush it Double C, Very impressive!!

  • Diane again? I totally forgot to post my time yesterday….
    Did Diane in 8:36, rx’d the deadlifts and they felt great but my hspu’s were super awful. Need to work on those for sure!

  • Drew and Chrissy… I think a lot of people are doing a make up on Diane. But I’m not certain.. I made up everything yesterday.

  • Yes, drew….the 5am runs a day behind because they don’t meet every day. :)…..we promise, you won’t repeat or get bored buddy!

  • Loved the fun warm up Lucas had in store for us!! Really different WOD today too…great 4:30 class!!!

  • I did the “Wednesday gauntlet” WOD and thought it was pretty fun. The warm-up was a nice change too (though I’m really lacking in coordination!)

    11:26 for me on that WOD. Great job, 5:30!

  • I did a version of today’s WOD with Knees to Elbows & 45# Good Mornings as some subs.


    Great work by the 5:30 class! I especially enjoyed the timed portion of the warm up…fun stuff 🙂

  • Oh, and I should probably update you guys…not sure if everyone heard, but Julie was being induced last night so, hopefully we’ll be hearing news on Baby Weaver very soon!

  • I was wondering why we haven’t seen pictures of baby Weaver yet…
    and my time today was from the Wednesday WOD not “Diane”.

  • 10:26 Rx’d. I liked the different warmup too, even though I heard some laughing about my skipping from Melissa and Stephanie.

  • The warm up for this one was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing through the whole thing, but it was a lot of fun. Finished the WOD in 12:09 (I think) rx’d.

    Pistol squats are the devil.

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