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  • Special thanks to the 5am crew! You made my intro to Crossfit this morning much more…..motivational! Post-baseline, I’ve been able to rehydrate, regain my bearings, and am now able to clearly state my first name! Thanks again!

  • I had a good workout today at Crossfit Eternal (Charlotte).
    Back Squats 3-3-3-3-3
    115 (some spotter assistance)
    115 (repeated, independent)
    Followed by a mini-wod of 5 minutes KB swing. I got 95 swings. Had 100 in my head – so close…

    Nice people down here too!

  • Hey Adam welcome to the club ….glad you regained basic motor functions again ….
    you did a great job hope to see you at the future 5 am classes.
    85-95-115-145-165 Struggled with the squat on the last set have to get lower ..better form.
    Awesome mini WOD ..7:04 lots of room to improve. Great Job Phil and Liz couldn’t have done it without you guys……

  • When did we get another Adam?!!! I thought i was the only one in the world….:-) Welcome to the club Adam. Besides having an awesome name you now have an awesome workout facility.

  • Got 155 3X’s and failed at 165. Great job this morning with everyone. Mini wod was 5:54 with GHD’s

  • Can someone tell me what the mini-wod is? I see you guys are crushing it. I hope to see you all on Saturday.

  • I was just thinking the other day about how long it’s been since we’ve done OHS… Can’t wait to give it a go today!!

  • Today’s fun mini wod – 3 rounds of 15 jumping squats, 15 sit-ups, 15 clapping pushups! can’t really call it a cool down in this weather!

  • OHS 5 x 3
    7 something on the mini WOD. Those clapping push-ups were harder than I anticipated.
    Welcome new Adam! I’ll never meet you at 5am so you will have to join in on an upcoming function. And a reminder to all (male and female) about the baby shower Thursday at 6:30pm for Kristin and Julie.

  • OHS x3

    7:36 on the mini WOD with ghd’s and regular push ups. Great job 4:30 class!!

    Did 95# x2. Fell backwards out of my hands on third rep.
    Attempted 3 reps at 95# a second time and couldn’t clean it (one try to clean). And then I said “OHS, I don’t even care about you and you can’t even mess with me right now so seeeeeeeeya!!!” and then I was done.
    I know I could have done 95# x3, but maybe another time.
    95# was my one rep max so everything is ok.
    Did clapping push ups on knees and kept slipping so was pissed about that too.
    Anyways, day 3. Can you tell I’m cranky?

  • Welcome, Adam & congrats on making it to Day 3, Rach…proud of you!

    I still love OHS!! I found something that I can do as well as I could pre-baby…FINALLY!

    75-85-95-105-115 x3 My old max was a shaky 115×1, so I know I could have done more, but didn’t push my luck.

    6:45 on the WOD with regular push ups. I might have another 2-3 weeks left of sit ups-if that-left in me 🙂

  • OHS 155 PR. Whooo hooo! 3:40 on the miniWOD. GHD and running after with Lindsey and Evan. Awesome job 6:30 crew!

  • Can’t wait to get back and see you guys. I love reading your posts while I’m out. I look forward to a challenging, yet FUN wod on Friday (hint, hint Lucas).

    Have a great time at the shower – and best to Julie & Kristin!

  • 115-135-155-175-185×3

    Seeing that 155 was my one rep max at one time i’ll take the 185 for 3 reps everyday!! thanks for the push Kyle!!

    5:42 on the mini WOD. Good lung burner that’s for sure.

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