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  • Was expecting Tuesday’s WOD at the 6am class this morning, but Lucas surprised us. I wasn’t feeling 100%, so I did the weights at the women’s levels. 18:25ish

  • Happy Birthday Abby! Have a wonderful day!
    Jason, not sure, but I’m thinking today is your lucky day! Tuesday’s WOD was solid tough for me, but in the cool weather this morning, it would have made it more pleasant!

  • Regretting not going RX’d on this one… I need to stop scaling down and just suck it up with the heavier weights. Scaled the DBs to 35#. Safe to say you could add about 10 minutes to that time RX’d.


    Happy BD Abby!

  • Happy Bday Abby!

    “No way” was my Belly’s response when I saw today’s WOD! Still recovering from all the rowing and burpees yesterday. Instead I did a modified ‘Bear’ complex, scaled way back and I lost count halfway through. Decided to end it at 20 minutes.

  • Happy birthday Abby!! I hope you are taking some rest after your amazing performance this past weekend. We’re lucky to have you at our gym! 🙂

  • Happy birthday Abby! Courtney and I did 2 min as many as poss chin ups…ummm, I got 5. Then we did 90 on 90 sec off 8 rounds of 5 pu’s 5 power cleans 5 burpees.

  • This one wiped me out.
    RX’d it but was much tougher than I anticipated.
    21:15 I think.

    Happy BD Abby, great job at representing at the regionals.

  • It’s been a while since I’ve been happy with my performance in a WOD & even though my time was longer than I would have liked I finished rx’d in 18:33 & felt strong today.

    I can already feel the TTB, just happy I can still do them 🙂

    Great WOD and lots of energy at 4:30 & the 5:30 class coming in!

    Happy birthday Abby!!

  • Finished the WOD in 20:?? Wendy… I bow to you. You kicked so much ass today. Great energy today everyone! It felt so good to be there today.

  • Megan must not have realized the modifications I made because of my shoulder…..time looked good on the board but I did ghd’s instead of toes2bar…..huge difference in time and struggle there. :). I also did one arm kb snatches. Time 11:39 ish…..nice Wod, can feel the lunges creeping up on me as I stand here.

  • 21:46 I think. This one wiped me out. the Ground to overhead followed by the TTB were so slow. In the end I finished rx’d so nothing to complain about. Great Job Everyone.
    Happy Birthday Abby!

  • 17:58 Rx’d – this one was a real killer. I’m just glad to have finished! Great job everyone tonight!

  • Wendy, I did not realize you modified other than the GHDs, but you still did awesome. Rowing makes me want to die sometimes, so I’m just glad I finished.

    Everyone did a great job tonight! That was a fun one even though my knees got all banged up. 🙂

  • This one was rough. The ground to overheads took a lot of time. I was happy that I finished them. Even though they were slow, I can see improvement and that’s what it’s all about. 15:04 was the final tally. Great job by the 6:30 crew.

  • Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes!! And great WODs today; keep up the great work CrossFitNKY!

  • 18:53 on this one. Rx’d the weights but my toes to bar were awful! Definitely a fun WOD though! Happy birthday Abby!!

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