6 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Great 9am wod, coach was very accommodating to the various aches and pains of the group. Took me A.A. (after Armondo to finish), maybe 25:? Burpees at 30.5 weeks are tough!! Less than 10 weeks to go!!

  • LOVED this WOD! Great job 4:30 and thanks for putting up with my girls:) It was the only way I was going to get a workout in today! Liz, did you happen to see our time?

    Julie, I am seriously amazed by you girl!

  • This one was interesting for me. I think Im declaring my versions of GHDs (just parallel instead of touching the ground) and burpees (half burpee half push up) the new version of preggo rxd! Other than that did everything else the real way 🙂

    It was fun working out with Laura, Sean & Rachel who crushed this WOD! I have no idea what our time was…except after the super star squad of Jeff, Karin, Bridget & Mark!

  • I agree with Sarah – liked this wod even though I’m not a fan of burpees!
    Sarah – didn’t look at time.
    Julie – You go girl!!

  • Nice WOD!!!
    Julie, I tried to wait for you but you know me…
    I did the wod with 15 reps in each movement…with a 70# KB.
    Time 22 or 23 something!

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