15 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Thank you Tracy for being there are 6 this morning so Lucas had to make the Wednesday wod. I was happy to choose it over Tuesday’s monster.
    22 something I think, and the way I feel now perhaps the Tuesday wod would have been a better pick.

  • This shit sucks… what time tomorrow?

    If it feels good, you ain’t doing it right

    Crossfit: best cult ever!

    What the f#@& is an A.M.R.A.P.?

    Never let fear and common sense stop you.

    Crossfit: the masochist’s workout

    Crossfit: Have you hugged your floor today?

    Crossfit: its what’s for dinner… again

    To Hell and back for time

    Obsessed is just a word lazy people use to describe the dedicated

    For a long time I thought I was exercising, then I started Crossfit

  • Another sweat festival today…I can’t wait to start doing all the WOD with all u guys…keep up the good work!!!

  • Doug and I finished just over 19 minutes. Doug probably lost 2 minutes waiting on my slow ass. Great job D fresh.

  • Wow! Crossfit just got…HOT HOT HOT!!!
    5am class was beginning to look very appealing on that last 800 run

  • WOW! This WOD was pretty close to my hell…not quite there, but close.

    It took forever, but I finished rx’d around 30min with the damn DBs for the walk. At least there was good company at the 5:30 class to be miserable with 🙂 & also had a good chat with Rachel & Laura afterwards.

    In case everyone didn’t know, Rachel is officially an adult with a big girl job!!! Yah! Congrats lady!

  • Kristin…I agree completely!! That WOD was hell!!! I wasn’t sure if it was just the first time out in the lovely Ohio valley humidity this season, or if I just SUCKED that badly! I didn’t even care what my time was – I was just happy to make it back from that last 800 run!

  • We have officially done all of my favorites this week… knees to elbows, overhead squats and farmer’s carry and yes I am being sarcastic but I also cannot wait to see what Friday brings. 🙂

  • Thank you Kristin!

    Problems with functional independence? Difficulty engaging in valued occupations? Unsatisfied with your quality of life? Holla!
    -Rachel Rosing, Occupational Therapist.

    “I put the FUN in FUNCTIONAL!”

  • Mark if we’re voting on t-shirts i like “To Hell and back for time”

    Yesterday’s WOD was awesome! Love all of those excercises except for the running. Great job Mark for the motivation to push it a little extra. I’ll never look at those 70lb kb’s the same again.

  • My personal favorite is: “This shit sucks… what time tomorrow?”

    I wanted to use the 70# KBs because I knew that would be miserable and that’s what I look forward to (yes Adam, I like suffering as long as I have company). So I think the slogan above really captures that sentiment.

  • T-shirt quotes:

    1. Lucas is a booger.
    2. “What is the WOD?…Damn it! I hate (insert your own Crossfit exercise here.)
    3. Crossfit: PX90 is the warm up!

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