16 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Hey guys, I am trying to figure something out- if you are signed up for the warrior dash, please post your “wave” time and day please.
    For example mine is Saturday at 7pm

  • Anyone feel like getting real dirty and drinking? Some people at work are signing up for the Mudathlon on 8/13. It has a team option too.

  • My legs are still shaky from this WOD!!! The broad jump was brutal & then everything that followed was just that much more difficult – great WOD though! Enjoyed working out with the 4:30 crew!! Tracy…we may have ended up doing more of the overhead walk than we needed – we are notorious for losing count!

  • Great WOD tonight – reminded me of a Summer Saturday WOD. It was fun to work out with Jeff too – a special treat 🙂 27:06 for us. Great job everyone at 5:30.

  • If I could marry a WOD, it would be this one. LOVED IT! First time I have felt good during a WOD in about a month. Don’t remember our time, but Kristin was my partner and she killed it!!! We had some trouble in the math department though…

  • Loved this wod even though I thought I was going to puke on the broad jumps! Great working with Sarah! Short(er) people rule!!! 🙂 Great to see Tracy again too!

  • My wife and I enjoyed this WOD. Great job by the 5:30 class. Jeremy and Mark killed it, wore 180 pound weight vests and carried 200 pound kettle bells.

  • Brittney, do you have any interest in going Fri night since we are both early Sat?

  • This WOD was a lot of fun, but those broad jumps were as close to awful as they come!

    Rachel was my partner, and like her, I have no idea what our time was-I do know she was a beast! She said she felt strong & looked it too.

    However, I believe the lack of oxygen to our brains interfered with our, usually, stellar math skills 🙂 In the end we figured it out & completed everything…or maybe a little more than we were supposed to!

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