16 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Yes, you did do a lot of squats Liz! So glad I did the other WOD! My arms are still shaky though! Great 4:30 class today as usual! A giant shout out to the Baker family on Jillian’s announcement that she will graduate Magna Cum Laude from The University of Kentucky! Way to go Jillian!!! 🙂

  • 7 rounds:
    10 Wall Balls 20#
    10 Pull-ups
    Time 7:55 or so, Rx’d
    I felt good for this one today. Great 4:30 class. Fun as usual!

  • I decided to rest today – especially since I’m now coming down with the cold that Maddie and Jeff have. Looking forward to the WOD tomorrow though. See y’all then 😛

    BTW – Loved the pic from yesterday!

  • 7 rounds
    10 wallballs (16#)
    10 pull-ups


    Good luck to anyone doing the Crossfit Games WOD 2 tomorrow!!!

  • I also did lots of squatting like Julie and Liz. I don’t think my hands were up for pullups today.

    Time was somewhere around 12 minutes.

    Good luck to the camera tomorrow! See y’all Friday!

  • oh crossfitnky, how I missed you the past 6 days!

    7 rounds
    10 wall balls 14#
    10 pull ups ( first wod blue band only!)
    8 something maybe 9

    great 4:30 class as always! Good Luck to everyone tomorrow, can’t wait to cheer you on!

  • Work got in the way today. Hopefully will make it in tomorrow for WOD #2. Can’t wait to watch cfnky kill it.

  • Wall balls and pull ups but I’m seeing “lots of squatting” from some people….hmmm….was squatting a punishment? Guess I’ll have to check in with the coach…..oh I see it was a choice.

    Kristin, auto correct drives me batty!

  • Opted for higher rounds today to save my legs. Not sure it was a good idea since my hands were shaking for about an hour afterwards. Think my time was around 11.

  • I followed the Jason/Wendy plan as well. Through a little prodding by Lucas, I did all of the pull-ups as chest-to-bar (well 8 of 10 or so each round, gravity is a bitch). This was my first extensive pull-up routine doing chest to bar. OMFG, my back (upper lats) are SORE. Normally I could have performed all/most of the pull-ups unbroken. That was FAR from the case last night. I think that the CTB was harder than doing regular pull-ups with a 20# vest.

    I think I’ll try to make myself do them all the time now, who is with me?

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