9 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Great 5am class – 8 early birds! Liz was the ladies life line! Couldn’t made it without her support!

  • I really liked this WOD tonight. I didn’t kill it on time (17:something, I think), but it just felt good to do all that core work. Definitely loved the change-up on warm-up in this awesome weather. See you guys Friday 🙂

  • I finished it! 23:45 Thanks Liz & Susan for finishing up with us! I ran 1200 m today & had no pain! Yeah! That is a first since Oct! Looking forward to when I feel like I can push myself & finish strong rather than looking for the workout that just sucked less! Friday…new day…new challenge…1st step is to show up rest is all bonus.

  • My schedule is very random this week so to ensure I got in my “re-do” tonight was the night for my games Wod. Thank you soooo much C.C. for staying late and counting for me. You really pushed me.

  • I did not do well with time on this one…21:48. But this was a fun one!! I will get that running down! Thanks for all the support 5:30 class! Everyone did great!

  • Chrissy you did great!!! Good mornings was what put me behind in this one (finished 20:56?) Form was bad and used too much weight. But I loved running today! As much as I hate it, it always adds to the WOD. More running please!!! Good job 5:30 class!

    1.5 weeks clean from rice chex

  • Great workout tonight! 19:01, I really lost my legs on the 2nd lap.
    Great job tonight Wendy, glad to be there.

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