Happy Birthday to one of our all time favorite Crossfitters…….Meghan Mongillo!   We all miss you, stop in soon

Day 52 Burpee Challenge

Today’s 5 am wod- “The Deer Run”……the rest of the classes will be doing something else

15 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • I can’t decide which one I liked the least, rows, snatches, or pull ups! The girls rocked this one!! Lucas….wasn’t that a deer fur I saw on your front bumper this morning???

  • Lucas, is it the “Deer Run” or the “Deer Slayer”, lol! Is that fur on your hands? Anyway, the 5:00 am morning WOD kicked my butt – took a nap on the way to work!

  • I made up ALL my burpees sunday but did them in sets of 30 throughout the day…I am getting a bit worn out guys! This is getting serious!

  • Lucas, How can you run into a deer? At least it matches the dent on the side of your truck.

    “The Deer Run” you had us do @ 5am was a gasser:

    Doe”s (Liz, Susan, Linda) vs Bucks (Jose, Bob, Frank)

    3 rounds of:

    The Doe’s beat the Buck’s on this one, Nice Job everyone I had fun. (modified the power snatch #65)

  • I definitely under estimated this WOD. Bob was right this one was a gasser for a 3 round WOD. It was a fun one though. The girls beat us guys in the 6:00am class as well.

  • Lucas that is taking “Paleo” to a whole new level…if you can hit it with your truck!! I know what you and the family are having for dinner tonight.

    WOD felt great this morning. Partner Kim did a great job and we rx’d.

  • Lucas….sorry I had to wimp out & scale down to 45#’s!! Very challenging WOD & Wendy & Zac got me through it!! Thanks guys!!

  • Wow – great group at 5:30 tonight. Lots of energy (at least once we started!) Nice teamwork Maddie & Karin. Not sure what our time was, but it was a good WOD.

    Looking forward to rest day tomorrow.

  • Good team work tonight with Zach and Melissa….by the third round I think I was holding up my teammates when I was at the snatch station…..this Wod required a lot of fresh air between stations for me….really liked the combination of movements

  • Fun team WOD. The snatch station was brutal! Great to work with Laura and Julie, you guys were awesome. And nice work by the guys, no rest for ya when you only have two… 🙂 Happy rest day everyone!

  • Great WOD! Those snatches right after rowing killed me! AND I ripped my hand again! But it was fun either way. Great job 5:30 class! You guys rock!

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