13 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Wish I would have got a look at the whiteboard prior to coming in…sheesh.

    Run 10K w 45lb plate
    Time: 56:12 (PR)

    Wait, I just made that up. 🙂
    Right Adam?

  • 5am. made up 12 days of hell…i mean XMAS! 😉
    1.) pull up (full rom)
    2.) kipping hspu to one ab mat ( a million attempts/many failures/some almosts and halfers/4-6 successes/ lots of wasted time and finally ended up doing mostly regular pushups)
    3.) du’s (apparently my feet and jumprope don’t get along early in the am)
    4.) 53# kbs
    5.) squats (full rom)
    6.) burpees
    7.) lunges
    8.) mnt. climbers
    9.) ghd back extensions
    10.) 20″ bj
    11.) ghd situps
    12.) 14# med ball cleans into wallballs to 10″ target
    what a morning…27:04

  • Was hoping to make 4:30 class. Thanks to a crisis at work I’ll be luck to make 6:30. I hope Jeremy gets a sunburn on his forehead!

  • I liked this workout tonight. I can’t remember my exact times, but they were pretty consistent (3:15, 3:21, 3:20, and some such – all right around the same general area). Didn’t have any double-unders going during warm-up so I went with SUs. Still, I tried to give it my all, and I feel like I did 🙂
    Great job, Liz, Susan & Maddie 🙂
    Thanks Alex for the push! Sorry I didn’t count you in our little 4:30 tribe 🙂

  • Workout was a gasser. first round was like 2:53. after that it was all downhill.

    Yeah Toni never forget to count me in a WOD.

  • First round was just over 3 minutes. After that each round was over 4 minutes. Double unders are not my friend. Couldn’t hang w/Alex, or my wife. Oh well.

  • Hated every minute of this wod, but it was fun to workout with Kike again as my partner! My best time was in the second round at 420-ish…all rounds rxd, but brutally painful.

    I did get a new PR on DUs after the wod with 33 so that was exciting! Tomorrow is definitely a rest day for this lady 🙂 See you all Friday.

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